The Historic Battle of Camden, SC – Research Site

John Robertson

The Battle:

On August 16, 1780, more than 2000 British and Loyalist troops under Lt. General Lord Cornwallis met and defeated over 4,000 American troops commanded by the “Hero of Saratoga,” General Horatio Gates.

The Battle of Camden was the worst Patriot defeat of the American Revolution.

The aftermath of the battle saw the southern Continental Army in total disarray while the British Army and Loyalists controlled the colony. Camden became a fortified garrison for the British and the future for the patriot cause in the South was bleak.

The Collection:

This collection is an exhaustive and detailed exploration of one of the most important battles in South Carolina provided generously and collaboratively by a number of Revolutionary War enthusiasts and scholars in South Carolina.

The collection offers a deep dive into the battle itself, the parties involved and a look back at some of the most pivotal figures and moments.

Delve into bibliographies and book sources, perspectives on the battle from both sides, letters and documents from battle participants, rosters of participants on both the British and American/Patriot/Rebel sides and a number of relics from the time period including maps, images and uniforms.

It is a treasure trove of knowledge and information: 

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